Crane Hana Books

I'm a writer and artist living in the American Southwest. For the last sixteen years, I've been lucky enough to make most of my living in creative industries as diverse as commercial analog and digital art, bookbinding, jewelry-making, and film cell retouching for a major theme park company.

I've always told stories to entertain myself and friends, but I didn't start writing with intent-to-publish until 1987. My first novel was insipid, my second awkward, and my third made my beta reader beg, "Stop before you write any more of the worst sex scenes I've ever seen!" She prescribed some notable writers in the erotica field, an apprenticeship in fanfiction, and a better word processor. A few years later I sold an original urban fantasy short story to an obscure but well-received anthology. My art career ate all of my time. I stopped writing until 2009, when I woke up from a vivid dream and a bout with the H1N1 virus, and suddenly knew how to finish a manuscript that had stalled ten years earlier.

As M.H. Crane, I'm working on a fantasy story arc about a race of courtesans created to tame the most terrifying creatures in their universe. After one of my manuscripts in this 'Lonhra Sequence' won third place in a Del Rey Spectra writing contest, editor Betsy Mitchell praised it for 'strong worldbuilding and a fascinating alien race.' My m/m story 'Saints and Heroes' takes place in this setting, and can be read in the Cleis Press anthology THRONES OF DESIRE.

As M.C. Hana, I write m/m and m/m/f space opera in a smaller portion of that same universe, set thousands of years later when human colonists clash with an ancient, arrogant, and beautiful race already claiming the galaxy. MORO'S PRICE, the first book in this planned trilogy, is available from Loose Id, LLC.

I've been inspired by the fiction of Tanith Lee, Storm Constantine, Samuel R. Delany, Jo Clayton, Andre Norton, Diane Duane, and Lynn Flewelling, among many other pioneers who brought alternate sexualities to the mainly heterosexual world of science fiction and fantasy. The secondary-world cultures I've created over 25 years are comfortable with many different forms of sexual expression. They are, to paraphrase Jack Harkness from TORCHWOOD, "52nd Century folks."

I am represented by Cherry Weiner, of the Cherry Weiner Literary Agency.